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It’s even bigger and greener in person.

Part of our Boston trip was to catch a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, the oldest stadium in Major League Baseball.

Whenever we visit a city in the US, one of J’s first priorities is to catch a game. Usually baseball or basketball. At home, I’ll watch a game on TV from time to time, but I hardly ever dish out cash to see one in person. When we’re travelling, it’s different. I don’t mind going.

I become the ultimate sports spectator.

It’s all about the experience: the hot dogs, the peanuts, the popcorn, the fans, the lights, the seventh inning stretch, doing the wave around the stadium, the possibility of catching a foul ball. Rooting for the home team with other fans from the city. Although in my orange and brown outfit in Boston that day, I clearly forgot about team colours.

It’s even more special at these older baseball stadiums, where there is so much history. One of my favourite Chicago memories is catching a Cubs game at Wrigley Field, the second oldest stadium after Fenway Park. There’s a certain intimacy to the field you don’t seem to get with other stadiums or with other sports. You get a little bit nostalgic thinking about all the fans who have passed through the turnstiles, all the games that have been won and lost, the ritual of it all.

J purchased our Red Sox tickets online in advance. Every seat in the stadium was filled, even though the Red Sox are struggling in the standings. We sat in right field on the first level, across from the “green monster”, the 37 foot wall that towers over left field. It looks like one giant blackboard (or green board?)

Guess that green colour was popular back in the day.

The great thing about Fenway Park is that like other older stadiums, it’s located downtown. Super accessible by subway (or the “T”). You can get off at Kenmore or Fenway Park stations. I was also impressed that the Park offered free Wifi, which is always a bonus when you’re a Canadian using data roaming. Athough there were so many users that the only time I got on was after the game.

And the score? Unfortunately for the Red Sox, the Minnesota Twins came from behind at the top of the ninth inning and ended up winning 6-4.


Boston, Massachusetts was a stop on our New England Road Trip.

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