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 Posted by on February 18, 2013
Feb 182013

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a good weekend. I was in town, and spent it vintage shopping, searching for new eyeglass frames (super difficult for high myopians like me), working on designs for the upcoming new shop online, and planning for my first ever Resource Party (more on that in an upcoming post this week!)

Here’s a few things I’m excited to dive into or explore this week:


> Postcards. Stamps. Letters. Packages. Pen pals. Some vintage. Lots of Canadiana. I’m really digging Send More Mail and looking at all that travel goodness.


> I’ve signed up for two online courses. The first is Travel Blogging 101 or the Travel Blogger Meetup with Wayfare Magazine hosted by Editor-in-Chief Erica Dublin. I was super excited to hear this was being organized, since Wayfare’s roundtable at Alt Summit was cancelled due to pesky weather conditions. I’m interested to hear what Erica has to say about the intersection of travel blogging and design. You should sign up too! It’s being sponsored by Wayfare (so no cost) and is happening on February 19 at 9:00 PM EST over on the Alt Summit Channel.

> The second course I’ve signed up is Muse: A Video Portrait Workshop over on Skillshare from March 12-27. I’ve been wanting to experiment with telling stories through video for a while. The instructor is Kat Conte, a Filipino multimedia artist. Her work includes documentaries on travel destinations, including this project in Greece.


> The People’s Print and DIY Couture are inviting peeps to design the fabrics for their SS2013  collection. The theme is dreamscapes, and they provide a really great tutorial for taking found objects and images (such as from National Geographic magazines) and turning it into a digital print. This is such great timing since I’ve started putting together some of my own designs for my new online shop next month. I’ll definitely be digging into those NG mags!

> Plus…for a list of travel bloggers who attended Alt Summit this past January 2013, check out Callie’s blog, Call me Cal. I met her at Alt Summit and love her take on everyday adventures. Plus the great sans serif font on her photos. (Thanks Callie for the shoutout!)

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