Ligaments and Ligatures

 Posted by on September 7, 2013
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This summer, my friend Karina, a multidisciplinary artist, had a solo show at the Ottawa City Hall gallery entitled Ligaments and Ligatures. Although the show has ended, I wanted to share some photos of her work. I’ve known her for a while now, starting when she introduced her collective art project at a Spins & Needles event in 2006. Her studio is a place full of wonderful, colourful textiles. Last time I went I think she was experimenting with flocking. It’s been so great to see her work develop over the years.

A catalogue excerpt from Ligaments and Ligatures: “In highlighting failures and crises, Bergmans highlights the fragility of those connective tissues, of their immanent potential for slippage, and the damage that occurs thereby. She must know of this intimately, for it is embedded in her process: what is thread, after all, if not a ligature?”

With this exhibition, you can see her skill and vision in reinterpreting reclaimed textiles, starting with the thread and texture of the fabric, all the way to the construction of a biological system. My favourite piece was Lungsconstructed from wire, foam, rope and a reclaimed wedding dress for the membrane.

You can see photos of the exhibition here and behind-the-scenes in making some of the pieces.







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