Lake Louise, Alberta

 Posted by on March 12, 2014
Mar 122014


When you look back on the travel experiences over your lifetime, there are always a few that stand out. On my list is the West coast road trip through Canada and the US that my parents and I took when I was two years old.  


I actually don’t remember much. Photos in our family album were my ad hoc memories. The ones with the grand mountains with the lake in the background always intrigued me. Growing up, I had a feeling I’d be back to visit those mountains again.


Flash forward thirty years later to last November, and I’m off to Alberta for a work trip. But I make sure to build in time to see those mountains and that lake again. It’s Lake Louise, one of the pit stops on the road trip from many years ago. This time I’m solo, on a mini-group sightseeing tour, and taking in the view on my own.





It was slow season in the Rockies; there were maybe 10-15 tourists at the Lake. You could probably have heard a pin drop. There weather was crisp, and everything looked like it had a dusting of sugar on it. Just like my trek up Sulphur Mountain, I had the whole lake to myself.




Even when you’re travelling solo, you can conquer the mountains on your own.

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