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 Posted by on April 4, 2014
Apr 042014


When I asked friends in Ottawa and local Winnipegers what places I should see during my trip to Winnipeg two weeks ago, many of them mentioned checking out artist-run centre aceartinc.

Their current exhibition was an installation by Robert Taite, called There is Here. The singular photo of the exhibition (not the one above) on the website featured geometric shapes such as squares and parallelograms, so my curiosity was piqued.

I’m really glad I did check it out; there was so much more than that one photo.


From the aceartinc website:

Taite will install a number of recent works in response to the architecture of aceartinc. and thereby continue his investigation into the relationships and tensions between painting, sculpture, architecture and the body.

Taite constructs sculptural paintings that are experiments in simple formal and material possibilities. When the pieces (often unfinished) start to pile up in his studio, their original, individual purposes get muddled and lost as they are recycled to solve problems created by new assemblages. This process continues in the gallery where its space becomes a blank canvas, a new arena for construction and placement. The work alludes to other spaces, other worlds, but inevitably self-destructs into the here and now.



When you walk into the room you’re immediately greeted with various colourful shapes and pieces on the walls and on the ground. At some moments it seems like some intentional order has been given to each sculpture, at other moments it seems like you’ve walked into a painting that’s exploded.



I loved that it was dynamic yet at the same time motionless. You could choose to walk through the installation or admire it from afar.You could choose to view the sculptures as standalone pieces, but you could also pick and choose to view objects together and in relation to one another. Or you could group all the objects in the gallery together and view it as one large work.

robert-taite-ace-art-7 robert-taite-ace-art-1

I went hunting for exhibit labels or some descriptive context around the piece.  One of the aceartinc co-diretors explained there weren’t any of these traditional descriptors. And there would be no public artist talk. Instead, he invited me to contact Taite, who was giving individuals guided tours. (If I had been around Winnipeg longer, it would have been great to hear his perspective.)


The show at aceartinc. runs until April 4 (today!), but you can see more of Taite’s work on his website.

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